What is SSL Inspection?

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. This standard security protocol safeguards connections between two systems, whether those connections are between a browser and a server or between two servers.

Why is it so important to implement SSL inspection? Well, most traffic now occurs over HTTPS. But there are risks associated with the use of HTTPS since encrypted traffic can bypass even your own network’s security. Basically, cyber-criminals are taking advantage of SSL-based encryption in order to hide malicious activity. If your network or firewall isn’t privy to the activity, what is? For example, phishing emails thrive on the hope that you will click on an attached file that, in turn, creates a secure encrypted session and then downloads malware to your computer. SSL inspection will decrypt and re-encrypt traffic before it is sent back to the end users, finding and blocking these threats, as well as unlocking encrypted sessions and looking into encrypted packets.