Automatic Configuration for Outlook 2016 via Autodiscover (Windows)

This article describes the process of creating new Outlook profiles (initially for a new Exchange mailbox) from the Office 365 edition of Outlook 2016. This process is necessary due to an apparent bug in Control Panel's Mail applet not being able to make a proper connection with the Exchange server with Outlook 2016 installed. This guide will allow you to create a new Exchange profile using Outlook 2016 itself as a workaround.


Screenshots in this guide used Outlook 2016 from Office 365 ProPlus. Standalone/Non-O365 versions of Office 2016 will follow the same steps, but the interface may appear different.

1. Make sure Outlook is closed.

2. Click the Windows search bar at the left hand side of the task bar, just to the right of the Windows Start button (or right-click the Windows Start button and click Run) and type in "outlook.exe /profiles", then press Enter.


3. The "Choose Profile" window will appear just as if "Prompt for profile to be used:" was selected in Control Panel's Mail applet. Click the New... button, name the new profile, then click OK.


4. A "Welcome to Outlook" window will appear. Enter your email address in the text field, then click the blue Connect button.


5. In most cases, as long as your administrator made the appropriate changes to your domain's DNS information before this process is started, Outlook will be able to determine the location of your new Exchange server automatically based on your domain and begin building your new Outlook profile. If so, skip to step 6.


However, if Outlook is not able to determine the location of your new Exchange mailbox and you are prompted with the "Choose account type" window below, select either Office 365 (red) or Exchange (blue) depending on which hosted email service you have from us (Office 365 or AppRiver Hosted Exchange). If it still cannot make a connection even after choosing the proper account type, please contact your administrator.


6. The profile wizard will then display "We're getting things ready" while it builds the new profile for you. You will likely also get a separate Windows Security prompt which asks for your new Exchange mailbox's credentials. Please enter your password, check Remember my credentials (this window will re-appear each time you launch Outlook or access the account if you do not check this box), then click OK.


7. After successfully entering the correct credentials, the Profile Wizard will display "Account setup is complete" and present you with a blue OK button. BEFORE you click OK, uncheck the checkbox labeled "Set up Outlook Mobile on my phone, too" (this will send you an email with mobile app store links to the Outlook mobile app which you may not prefer). 



8. After clicking OK at the end of the Profile Wizard above, it will close and you will be brought back to the "Choose Profile" window we started with. Make sure the new profile you created is selected, click the Options > > button to expand the menu, check the "Set as default profile" checkbox to set your newly created profile as the default profile to launch when opening Outlook, then click OK to launch Outlook in your new profile.


9. All Done!


If you use this account on mobile devices, please use one of the following guides to properly remove the account and re-add it so it connects to the new mailbox:


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