What are the Software Requirements for Office 365?

Office 365 is a dynamic, subscription-based service that relies on connectivity to ensure the latest security patches and upgrades are downloaded and automatically applied as they become available. As with any software progression, versions become obsolete as Microsoft phases out both mainstream and extended support. 

Currently, AppRiver customers who subscribe to Office 365 confirm their intent to utilize the most currently available Outlook version by signing the agreement with Microsoft services. Office 365 subscribers can download the most current version of Outlook in the Admin Center on the Microsoft Online Portal. 

As such, AppRiver’s support of Outlook with Office 365 is focused on the mainstream version which currently is Outlook 2016. While older versions are not specifically incompatible with Office 365 services moving forward, users should expect a degraded functionality, capability and user experience when using outdated Outlook versions with Office 365. Although we are committed to providing Phenomenal Care support to all of our customers, AppRiver cannot be held liable or expected to provide assistance for obsolete software.
AppRiver customers who subscribe to a “mailbox only” Office 365 plan (i.e. not including Outlook with the subscription) shall be responsible for ensuring that their Outlook version is current. Again, AppRiver is focused on supporting our customers, but we are unable to provide support for obsolete software. 

Additional system requirements for Office 365 are located at: https://products.office.com/en-US/office-system-requirements/#Office365forBEG

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