Microsoft 365 FAQs

What are the prerequisites for the Microsoft 365 Windows upgrade option?

Due to the advanced security framework and features offered with a Microsoft 365 subscription, the machine must run Windows 10 Pro. The target machine must already include a genuine license for Windows 7 Pro, Windows 8/8.1 Pro or later in order to meet the minimum prerequisite, at which point Microsoft 365 will provide an upgrade for Windows 10 Pro. If the target machine already has Windows 10 Pro, please ensure to update to version 1703 (Creators Update).

How do I upgrade my Windows version to Windows 10?

1. If your target machine meets the minimum requirements, login to the Microsoft 365 Business admin center with your Microsoft 365 credentials and find the Windows 10 upgrade link. 

2. Select Install upgrade and follow the prompts to upgrade to the Windows 10 Pro Creators Update.

What happens if I upgrade to Windows 10 but later discontinue the Microsoft 365 license (subscription)?

From a user perspective, you won’t see much difference. Most of the admin security enforcement controls will cease to function, although the user may choose to enable and self-manage any available security settings. However, the Windows 10 license will remain on the machine.