What happens when someone replies to or forwards a secure message notification?

Sometimes, new users reply to secure message invitations or notification messages, which are sent using basic email. When this happens, the reply to the secure message notification is not sent back to the original sender as intended.

Most users that are replying to secure message notifications are unaware that they are doing so. For this reason, when a user replies to it, the initial sender’s email address is automatically changed to a default “do not reply” email address.

When a secure message is sent to the default “do not reply” email address, the system automatically notifies the recipient back with a generic message that their reply did not make it to the intended recipients.

If a user is intent on replying to a secure invitation or notification message, he or she may do so by changing the email address back to the initial sender’s email address. The purpose of this safeguard is only to prevent accidental replies, not intentional ones.

Note: The same action is taken when someone forwards a secure message invitation or notification message.