How to Enable Two-Factor Authentication

Two-Factor Authentication provides an extra security layer that double checks your identity. We recommend you enable two-factor authentication once you are prompted by the Customer Portal.
1. When you login to the Customer Portal, you will be prompted to enable two-factor authentication. Click the Enable Two-Factor Authentication button to start the process.
2. Select a Country Code, enter a phone number so we can send you a text message with a verification code and click Send Verification Code. Standard messaging rates apply.
3. You should immediately receive a text message with a six-digit code. 
4. Enter the code in the Verification Code text box and select the Trust This Device option to add a device.
5. Once you do this, a pre-filled Device Name value will appear. If everything looks good, click the Save Device & Finish button.
6. The Customer Portal will open. You may verify the authentication by selecting the Two-Factor Authentication submenu under the the Settings icon on the Navigation bar at the top of the screen.
7. From here, you can view the current authentication status and a list of all trusted devices associated with this account. You may also update your phone number or disable the two-factor authentication. We strongly recommend that you do not disable the two-factor authentication.
8. Once you enable two-factor authentication and associate a trusted device, you will receive two security notifications in your inbox. 
Note:  If you did not make this change, remove the trusted device immediately and contact AppRiver Support or your administrator for assistance.
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