SecureTide Tips and Better Practices

1. We have complied a list SecureTIde tips and better practices to help maximize your SecureTide experience, as well as tighten your filter and ensure that you receive only the emails you want to receive. 

2. ​Enable Held Spam Reports for all users.

3. If not already enabled, turn on Quarantine Alerts to be notified when mail is held from a recent contact.

4. Enable the BULKMAILER (bulk mail campaign) filter test and create a subject tag and an Outlook mail rule to place these in their own folder.

5. Do not allow large domains such as This will open the spam floodgates. Opt to allow full email addresses instead.

6. Block countries you don't expect to ever do business with. This will cut out a lot of spam quickly.

7. Publish your SPF record and include all sources that could send mail from/as your domain.

8. For SecureTide-only customers, list all users, groups, resource addresses, etc. in the user list. And consider placing your domain in Closed mode (will hold mail for unlisted users). This will reduce the traffic load on the end server as well.

9. If needed, add any blocked attached/linked filenames which are not covered in the global list already.

10. It is highly recommended to set the Documents Containing Macros Scan Option to Hold.

11. Consider setting the Encrypted Documents from Unknown Sender Scan Option to Hold.

12. Forward any spam that makes it past the filter to so we can block it globally for everyone.

A few more aggressive tips:

1. Consider blocking your own domain in the Filters > Domains area to prevent spoofed emails. (Note: You must allow any external IPs creating legitimate email saying it comes from your domain. Allows override blocks except for malware quarantine items.)

2. Consider blocking Language Character sets that expected messages shouldn't utilize.

3. Consider changing the SPFHARDFAIL test to Hold. This will create FPs though since not everyone keeps their SPF records updated properly.

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