Where can I get a copy of the credit memo?

1.  Login to the Customer Portal as an administrator and select the Billing area tab.

2.  Select the Account History tab.

3.  Click the Search by invoice option to view either a specific invoice or all invoices, or click the Search by date option to view a specific time frame.

4.  Click the Credit Memos tab.

5.  If you selected the Search by invoice option, select a specific invoice from the Invoice Number drop down box.


6.  If you selected the Search by date option, select a defined time category under the Quick Date drop down list. 

7.  Select a start and end date for a specific time frame.

8.  The Credit Memo information will populate. If the list is large, you may filter by memo status, memo number or credit type.

9.  To view specific details about the credit memo, click the Details button.