How do I export CSV files?

1.  Login to the Customer Portal as an administrator and select the Billing area tab.

2.  Select the Account History tab.

3.  Select the Search by date option to filter the results by a specific period of time or the Search by invoice option to filter a specific invoice.

4.  Click either the Charges or Credit Memos tab.

5.  Click the Download CSV button.

6.  The Download submenu will expand. From here, select the Download Full CSV option to immediately download the CSV file.


7.  Select the Download Customized CSV option to filter specific data. (Please note that you must setup the CSV customization before you can download a customized CSV file.) The CSV file may be filtered by date, column order and number of columns.


8.  Select the Download Balance Activity option to view account balance activity for a defined or customized time range or by a specific invoice.

9.  Microsoft Excel (or similar program if installed) will open and display one of the downloaded CSV options: Customized CSV, Full CSV or Balance Activity.