Voltage to Cipherpost Pro Transition

Unfortunately there is not a process to migrate the data from Voltage to Cipherpost Pro. But, Voltage allows users to click the link in each message and login to view their Voltage messages indefinitely even when Voltage service is terminated. Therefore, users still have access to their messages after the service is terminated.

Also, if desired, all previous emails can be manually decrypted and stored locally via Outlook with the Voltage plugin before Voltage service is terminated. This process to decrypt the messages manually will require a special version of the Voltage plugin that many users are not currently using. The required versions of the Voltage plug-in are provided in the links below:



Steps to confirm whether or not the correct versions of the Voltage plug-in are installed:

1. Check if there is an “Options” tab in the Voltage Manager

2. If not, uninstall and reinstall the voltage software with the links provided above.

3. Go to the Options tab and ensure that the setting to decrypt all email is set


1. Each user will need to complete these steps individually. All previously received encrypted emails must each be opened manually to decrypt the messages and store them locally.

2. After the steps above are completed, uninstall the Voltage software and confirm the message content is still visible.  If so, you are now ready to start using CipherPost Pro.