Sending as an Alias in Outlook

Have an alias that you would like to use from time to time, but not always, as your sending address? Below are the steps to create a sending only POP account in Outlook that will allow you to use the From option when creating a new message.

Note: Do not send and receive with this account until you have shut off receiving in the Send/Receive settings. If you do, it is possible to duplicate your mailbox.


1. In Outlook, go to File and Account Settings.

2. Click the New button, select Manual setup and then click the Next button.

3. Select the Pop3 or IMAP option and then click Next.

4. Hosted Exchange 2010 & 2013/16 users will use the following settings to set up their account:

  • Your Name: This is cosmetic and will displayed in the email you send out.

  • Email Address: The alias email address.

  • Mail Servers: Are shown below for both Hosted Exchange 2010 and Hosted Exchange 2013/16.

  • User Name: The credentials of the primary email address for the user.

  • Password: Leave this blank, you can save the password after your first send and receive. (Another step to ensure we don't download and duplicate the mail.)


Hosted Exchange 2010 Server Settings:

Hosted Exchange 2013/16 Server Settings:

5. Click More Settings and the Internet E-mail Settings dialog box will appear. Click the Outgoing Server tab and select the My Outgoing server (SMTP) Requires authentication check box.

6. Click the Advanced tab and change the Outgoing server (SMTP) port to 587 and select to use TLS encryption.  You can mirror the settings in the screenshot below.

7. Save all of these settings and navigate back to the main Outlook window.

**In order to avoid duplications with new POP Accounts you will need to follow the steps below.**

1. In Outlook go to Send/Receive, now click the Send/Receive Groups, and then Define Send/Receive Groups.

2. From the Send/Receive Groups dialog box, select All Accounts and click Edit:.

3. Select the Alias account from the left side and clear the Receive mail items check box.

4. Save to complete configuring the send only alias account.


5. To take advantage of this account and create a new email message, click the From button that is now available in the drop down.