How to Set Up Exchange on a BlackBerry 10

1. On the home screen, tap the Settings icon.

2. On the System Settings menu, tap Accounts.

3. On the Add Account menu, tap the Advanced icon at bottom of screen.

4. On the Advanced Setup menu, tap Microsoft® Exchange ActiveSync.

5. On the Add Account menu, complete only the following fields and tap Next:

a. Description

b. Domain*

c. Username*

d. E-Mail Address

e. Password

f. Server Address*

  * - Obtain from Customer Portal (

6. On the next Add Account menu, set preferred sync preferences and tap Done.

7. BlackBerry will finalize the configuration and return to the Mail menu while communicating with the server. Proceed to the Hub home screen to view mail. (Note that synchronization may take several minutes to complete.)

Article ID: 765, Created On: 8/5/2013, Modified: 12/9/2013

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